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Dyslexia Tests

Are you or your children suffering from dyslexia?

Many children struggle at school and have difficulties with reading, writing and self-organization. This is often because they are suffering from a specific learning difficulty - dyslexia. All too often the condition is not recognized quickly enough and children struggle for years, unable to demonstrate their knowledge or ideas in coursework or exams. This can lead to them (and their families and tutors) believing that they are perhaps 'not very bright' or even 'not trying hard enough'. Often these difficulties are not discovered until College or University, where there are increased pressures to keep up and produce academically more demanding work.

This is tragic for many children and teenagers who, with a clear diagnosis and the right kind of help, can show themselves to be bright, imaginative and energetic students with huge potential. Adults who have never been diagnosed go through life wondering why they find reading, writing and other literacy or numeracy tasks so difficult. This may have affected their ability to achieve their full potential in work and in life. A diagnosis in adulthood explains these difficulties and can raise self-esteem and confidence, leading to key life changes.

If you, your child or teenager seem to be having difficulties with literacy or numeracy perhaps the reason is an undiagnosed specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or even dyspraxia. Finding out is a simple matter of carrying out some tests. The tests cover all areas potentially affected by dyslexia:

The tests take between two and two and half hours. Afterwards scores are analysed and a full report produced. This report is necessary for students to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance which, in some circumstances, can result in the student being offered additional help at College or University, and/or assistive learning equipment. For school children it provides teachers with the information they need to provide the best possible learning environment for the student.

I will answer any questions or clarify anything that is not clear - just call me without obligation on 01487 84 33 84.

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