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Therapy - who needs it?

Making the decision to seek counselling can be daunting but, once that first step has been taken, most people find that a problem shared really can be a problem halved. Counselling and hypnotherapy can enable you to make surprising changes to the way you live, work and feel about life. You may be seeking an understanding of your feelings in times of confusion, unhappiness or grief - or you may simply need help in making an important decision.

Counselling is a active process that requires both parties to make the effort (and time) to seek understanding and explore outcomes. Counsellors don't give advice - the point of counselling is to help you tap into your inner resources to face and deal with whatever is troubling you. This is best achieved in a secure, non-judgemental and supportive environment. Ultimately, counselling puts you in control.

Talking to the right counsellor, one who guarantees confidentiality, can provide exactly this kind of safe and respectful environment. Whether you need 'brief' therapy to help you explore a pressing problem, longer term support and guidance to deal with deeper issues, or hypnotherapy to bring about immediate changes (for example, giving up smoking or addressing a phobia), Tilly has the appropriate experience to offer active and effective help.

You don't have to bear the weight of all your problems alone - you may find that, with the right help, they simply go up in smoke. Please contact Tilly, without any obligation, on 01487 84 33 84 or by emailing tilly@swiftswing.co.uk. You will receive a warm and helpful response.

What kinds of things do people bring to counselling?

People seek counselling for many different reasons...

... and many more.

Who can be helped by counselling?

Absolutely anyone. It doesn't matter how old (or young) you are, or what the problem is, just being able to talk in confidence to someone who does not judge you and who shows you respect, can be enormously helpful. There is no pressure to come back if you don't want to, and no one will ask you to say more than you are comfortable with.

Will the counsellor tell anyone else about me?

No. Nothing you tell Tilly will be repeated to anyone else unless you agree to this. All counsellors have qualified supervisors (a requirement of BACP to ensure competent and ethical practice). This is to ensure that your Counsellor is working within ethical guidelines and that there is mutual respect and safety during your counselling sessions. Your identity is protected whenever Tilly sees her supervisor. Very occasionally Tilly may be concerned about your safety or the safety of someone close to you and she may need to involve a third party, but she will not do this without discussing it with you first.

Can I afford it?

The fee for counselling is £50 per session; sessions last for a full hour. Evening counselling sessions are available at extra cost.

Hypnotherapy sessions are normally 90 minutes at £75 per session but can take a little longer and are available during the daytime only.

Reduced rates may be available for those on low income or if several sessions are booked in advance - please ask.

How often would I need to come?

Counselling sessions are usually arranged weekly. 'Brief' therapy may be just six sessions but some people find that they benefit from sessions lasting several months. All of this is discussed and reviewed regularly and there is absolutely no obligation to come for longer than you want. It's best to talk to Tilly about 'ending' because she will be able to help you make the transition.

So what next?

If you think that you will benefit from Counselling or Hypnotherapy, please call or email Tilly to make an appointment. You may leave messages on the answerphone in confidence and Tilly will call you back using discretion.

If you are not sure whether you want to go ahead, Tilly will arrange an initial session during which you can discuss your concerns and decide whether counselling or hypnotherapy is for you. You can either stay for a full session or leave after 30 minutes. There is a small charge of £20 for an initial session if you decide not to continue.

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